Coast to Coast Fulfillment New England Companies Outsourcing Advantage at Business Expo 2004, Providence Convention Center

Coast to Coast Fulfillment Gives New England Companies an Outsourcing Advantage at Business Expo 2004, Providence Convention Center

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, one of New England’s leading fulfillment houses, will be presenting the economic and operational advantages of outsourcing fulfillment services at Business Expo 2004 at the Providence Rhode Island Convention Center on April 7 and 8, 2004.

Coast to Coast specializes in product fulfillment, which is the turnkey management of “back-room” operations, including the warehousing, picking, packing and shipping of orders, online customer service, and all related accounting services. Products shipped by Coast to Coast for its clients include a wide range of consumer goods, industrial parts, catalogs, promotional and sales materials, and collateral materials.

Coast to Coast’s order processing services provide solutions that address the emergent trends of the globalized economy, in which technology is compelling companies to accelerate the development of their core competitive strengths while outsourcing other operations, to increase efficiency and remain competitive.

Business Expo 2004 in Providence, is New England’s largest business to business exposition. At the expo, Coast to Coast will be demonstrating the advantages of its “transactional costing” model, with which clients can eliminate the fixed costs of maintaining a warehouse and, instead, pay for fulfillment services on a per-transaction basis. According to Client Service Manager, Randy Lundquist, “Our transactional costing model is a cost-controller’s dream, since it is totally scalable to the cyclical vagaries of order volume.”

According to Coast to Coast’s president, Hermond Ghazarian, “As our clients expand, create new distribution channels, or launch new marketing campaigns, outsourcing of fulfillment operations is often the best way for them to quickly create a back-room operation, so that our clients can focus on what they do best.”

In addition to presenting the advantages of outsourcing fulfillment, Coast to Coast also will be releasing two exclusive special white paper reports under the master topic of Fulfillment Outsourcing 2004: How & Why? These reports outline the latest trends, the pros and cons, the pitfalls, opportunities and case histories related to fulfillment outsourcing. The B2C Edition demonstrates how to ramp up to handle millions of consumer orders within weeks, while the B2B Edition demonstrates how to setup a scalable distribution operation with zero fixed operating costs, yet able to handle orders from any client, whether it’s a small shop, a distributor, or a major retail chain.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment will be exhibiting at booth number 328 at Business Expo 2004, Providence, Rhode Island, April 7 and 8.