Fufillment Services during Coronavirus Pandemic

pandemic fulfillment

Yes, we are open for business during the COVID-19 shutdowns

WEST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND — As more states are restricting “non-essential” workers from their normal workplaces, we wanted to update you on the status of our ability to serve you.

Under both federal and state guidelines – which expect us to continue to deliver infrastructure-support services – Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc. is ready, willing and legally expected to provide ongoing fulfillment services for both existing and new clients (see below *).

At Coast to Coast Fulfillment, we do a lot more than just ship out B2C and B2B orders. We also assemble products and “kits,” make retail presentation packages, assemble gift packages and displays, manage databases, do reverse logistics and returns management, and provide various IT and EDI-related services. And, we have very friendly, smart customer-service associates, who can serve your customer base.

We are taking extraordinary precautions to keep our workplace and our workers safe, while simultaneously redoubling our commitment, responsibility, and dedication to supporting the nation’s infrastructure. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all packages that leave our facility are being handled with the utmost care and responsibility. We look forward to providing outstanding service to our clients, the United States, and to our friends and partners across the globe.

If you are experiencing supply-chain interruptions or disruptions and need an omnichannel order fulfillment center to warehouse your products, manage your inventory and ship them where needed (and/or provide additional services), please call us at 800-200-0028, or send us an email.

Our Infrastructure Support Commitment

It is referred to by many names: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCov, the novel corona virus and coronavirus. Regardless of the name the pandemic goes by, it is interrupting supply chains and preventing consumers, distribution centers, stores, governments, hospitals, and other institutions from getting the goods they need.

We take the guidance of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security seriously. This guidance has directed us to maintain our normal work schedule, so that we can continue providing 3PL infrastructure support in the categories of Transportations and Logistics, Healthcare/Public Heath, and Food and Agriculture.

* Under the March 16, 2020 Guidance Memorandum of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, our workers are regarded as being critical infrastructure workers, who have a “special responsibility to maintain their normal work schedule.” Their responsibilities are in three listed infrastructure-support categories: Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare/Public Health, and Food and Agriculture. Thus, our employees, and the services that we provide, are regarded by the federal government as essential.