B2B Wholesale Case Histories

fulfillment case histories

B2B Case Histories

Selection of Case Studies for Business-to-Business

Our fulfillment services on behalf of our clients for retail stores can be as varied as the stores and the products themselves. See a few case histories.

Television Home Shopping Drop-shipping

Coast to Coast’s client did not want to ship large amounts of inventory into a leading television shopping network on a “guaranteed sale” basis – in which the shopping network had total return privileges on the merchandise which would be packed and labeled specially for the shopping network.

Coast to Coast — already an established third-party fulfillment warehouse for the TV shopping network, with an excellent service record — was able to receive order data from the TV shopping network, and drop-ship orders directly to the consumers. The client thus saved the expense of shipping the product into the warehouse, had zero returns, and was paid for 100% of the merchandise shipped to the shopping network’s customers.

Wholesale Distribution Turnkey Operation

Our client, a European-based manufacturing company, wanted to expand into the United States at minimal expense, by only employing a sales and marketing force.

Coast to Coast provided a turnkey distribution solution, in which we would receive products from Europe, repackage it for retail, warehouse the products, receive wholesale orders, fill those orders, provide customer service, invoice customers, and receive payments. Coast to Coast provided a complete, one-stop solution to support the client’s U.S. sales and marketing team. Coast to Coast became the ‘invisible’ extension of its client.

Product Kit Configuration (B2B & B2C)

patchologyPatchology, a global leader in transdermal beauty care, has relied on Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc. for more than a decade. Recently, Patchology looked to our expertise to consolidate its core products, configure them into multiple merchandisable beauty kits, and ships them to customers and retailers throughout the world.

As well as dispatching packaged across the US, Coast to Coast also ships Patchology products around the world, with a dedicated team that enables the business to smoothly accommodate sharp US sales spikes, even in the face of challenges created by the global pandemic.

One Stop Shopping (B2B & B2C)

Our client was unhappy with its existing fulfillment operation and needed a fulfillment operation capable of handling multiple high-volume promotions with single products selling over 500,000 pieces per year, as well as smaller promotions, including those resulting from media tests.

Coast to Coast has set up a system to receive orders via telemarketing companies, direct mail, the Web, E.D.I., and reorders via telephone. Coast to Coast picks, packs, assembles kits, and ships to consumers and to the nation’s leading retailers, including television shopping networks. In addition, Coast to Coast has set up a customer service group that answers questions about orders as well as provide light technical support, by answering questions pertaining to the clients’ products.

Multiple Distribution Modes

Our client needed to improve its methods of filling its distribution channels. Primarily a mass-market jewelry design house, the client was inefficiently operating its own warehouse and distribution in the U.S., while outsourcing its manufacturing to the orient.

Coast to Coast took over receiving and warehousing the product, pick and pack operations, and serviced all distribution channels. One particular customer of our client was Target, with more than 1,100 stores. Coast to Coast has shipped to Target in three different modes on a weekly basis: a) shipping directly to distribution centers, b) custom-configured with over 150 SKU’s and shipped directly to each store, c) pre-packaged for individual stores, but then shipped to the distribution centers. Since taking over distribution for its client, Coast to Coast’s services have reduced vendor compliance penalties to zero, while reducing the client’s overall warehousing and distribution costs.

Light Assembly and Retail Display Support

A beauty products manufacturer needed a fulfillment house to assemble hair accessories and package them for displays for 2,000+ professional beauty-supply stores.

Coast to Coast received the products, assembled them in appropriate packaging, generated bar-coded labels, assembled and stocked displays and handled all shipments for restocking. In the first four months, Coast to Coast shipped more than 2 million pieces.