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B2C Services

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment is the “invisible distribution arm” of our clients, specializing in backend logistics, including product inventory management, and preparation of products for shipping (including picking & packing, kitting and light assembly, boxing, labeling, palletizing, and freight forwarding & consolidation). Because we specialize in handling the demands of the nation’s largest retailers on a daily basis, we're able to ship our clients’ products faster, with fewer errors and less expense than if our clients tried to do so themselves. We also offer bookkeeping, accounting, and customer service, reducing our clients’ overhead costs, while allowing them to focus on their core business.

Coast to Coast's business to consumer (B2C) division receives direct-to-consumer orders daily from leading telemarketing centers, including West Telemarketing and Convergys, for orders generated in response to television, print, and other media. In addition, Coast to Coast Fulfillment receives consumer orders via Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.) protocols for direct-to-consumer shipments for TV shopping networks and other direct-marketing retailers. Orders are usually picked, packed and shipped the same business day they are received.

Receive Consumer Orders
We download or input consumer orders from the following primary and secondary sources:
• Television
• Internet
• Print
• Direct Mail & Catalogs
• Telemarketers
• E.D.I. V.A.N.'s (consumer drop-ship)

Process Consumer Payments
• Authorize credit cards & deposit into merchant accounts
• Process Checks-by-Phone
• Process Checks & Money Orders
• Process Refunds, Returns, & Credits

Pick & Pack
• Assemble all components of orders
• Light assembly
• Shrink-wrapping
• Custom Packaging & Displays

Ship Products
• Assemble all components of orders
• Light assembly
• Shrink-wrapping
• Custom Packaging
• Post-office on premises (largest U.S. Postal Service customer in Rhode Island
• Bulk mail consolidation
• C.O.D. Tracker™
• U.S.P.S.
• FedEx
• UPS shipping options

Database Management
Consumer orders are merged into centralized databases to record transaction and shipping history by customer. Services for importing and exporting names from the databases include the following:
• Import, or input orders for database consolidation
• National Change of Address (N.C.O.A.) cleaning
• Code Accuracy Support System (C.A.S.S.) for mailing lists
• Zip+4 encoding
• Bar-coding of mailings
• All routine list management operations

Customer Service
Coast to Coast's Customer Service department is staffed from 9:00am until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We handle thousands of calls each week related to orders processed by Coast to Coast Fulfillment. We handle questions about billing and about the status of orders. We handle credits and refunds, and we even offer limited tech support for electronic products. We also will take orders, especially reorders from satisfied customers. Direct-response products are assigned toll-free customer service numbers for each campaign fulfilled by Coast to Coast.
Services include:
• Toll-free inbound customer service
• Online access to customer order history & status
• Product information
• Returns refunds and processing

Returns Processing
Coast to Coast's PackageTracker® technology automatically updates consumer databases with return information. Returns processing includes the following services:
• Customer service
• Issue return tags
• Update databases
• Refurbish returns
• Return products to inventory
• Disposal of damaged/defective products

Activity Reports
Coast to Coast provides over 100 standard reports, and can customize reports to reflect all aspects of product sales, inventory and shipping.
Case Histories
Our fulfillment services on behalf of our clients for retail stores can be as varied as the stores and the products themselves. See a few case histories.
The B2C Distribution Process
See the Coast to Coast direct-to-consumer distribution flow process at a glance.

We offer 3 ways for you to get a Quote:

1. Call us. In a few minutes, we can help you find the fulfillment solution that is right for you. Within the United States, call toll-free 1-800-200-0028. If calling from outside of the United States, call us at 1-401-397-5075. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm USA Eastern Time. We are closed on some holidays.

2. Send us a quick email.

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