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Data Depot

24/7 Online Portal

Welcome to the Data Depot, our online 24/7 online portal to the logistics and order-fulfillment details of your account!

Secure Data Depot reports are automatically updated live, in real-time, to give you the status of merchandise received at the warehouse, your inventory levels, purchase orders, shipment tracking, and much more. With the Data Depot, you can make better data-driven decisions, to optimize your supply chain while improving cash flow.

From anywhere in the world, login anytime to the 3PL information you need, with the data tailored to your specifications.

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When your account is first set up at the Data Depot portal, you will get a Username and Password for the Administrator (Admin) of your accounts.  Then you have the option to add more sub-users and manage their access to specific data and reports.

In every case, you select the date range of the reports, while commonly accessed reports include the following:

Received Inventory

  • Details of what inventory was received and when

Inventory Lists

  • In-stock
  • Allocated
  • Backordered

Order Look-up

  • Order details
  • Shipment tracking

Shipped Items

  • Details of inventory sold
    (often used for forecasting)