High-Volume Jewelry Order Fulfillment

jewelry fulfillment

High-Volume Jewelry Order Fulfillment

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Each week Coast to Coast Fulfillment’s East Coast warehouse processes orders for over one million pieces of jewelry. For our clients, we ship costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, classic jewelry, and bridge jewelry to leading mass-merchant stores and department stores. We also ship thousands of direct-to-consumer (D2C) jewelry orders every week.

Jewelry types and fulfillment channels include the following:

  • Fashion Jewelry: B2B Pre-sort the sort to the store level, D2C from websites and drop-ship from third-party marketplaces.
  • Costume Jewelry: B2B Pre-sort to the store level, with weekly replenishment.
  • Fashion Jewelry: B2B Bulk to DCs.
  • Bridge Jewelry: B2B Pre-Distro and B2C.
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What makes Fashion Jewelry Fulfillment Unique?

Fashion jewelry is trendy, sometimes only in style for a season. Each week we receive bulk container loads hundreds of new jewelry styles totaling more over one million pieces. Then, we must pick and sort the jewelry down the needs of each of 2,000-plus stores. We then and ship the wholesale orders out to either the distribution centers (DCs) or directly to the stores — all within 72 hours of receiving the merchandise. Our clients and their wholesale trading partners rely on us to quickly and accurate fulfill their wholesale orders week after week.

jewelry fulfillment

Fashion Jewelry Picking for Wholesale Pre-Distro

jewelry fulfillment

Special Inventory and Order Management for Jewelry

The same jewelry style and SKU number can have several different sales prices, dependent on its sales channel. So, we match every unit of incoming merchandise with each purchase order.

Then, for our clients we generate corresponding EDI invoices to reflect the varying prices channels for the same SKUs.

jewelry edi processing

Brand Building with Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Fulfillment

Our D2C order fulfillment helps build D2C jewelry brands. We do this by giving meticulous care to how each order is packaged and shipped, and how each consumer is notified of their shipment’s status. This gives each consumer a good experience with our clients’ brands and builds loyalty and repeat business.

d2c jewelry fulfillment

We Help Make Every Occasion a Special Occasion

We ship thousands of pieces wedding jewelry and accessories to our clients’ D2C customers. But we like to go the extra mile, to insure that all D2C jewelry orders are packaged perfectly and delivered as promised, so that the receipt of every package from us is a special occasion to for our clients to give a good impression and build their brands.

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Some of the B2B Trading Partners we ship to include:

target kohls macys belk bon ton buckle burlington charlotte russe dsw gap inc dress barn fred meyer tjx guess jc penney walmart Neiman Marcus harley davison

For a more complete list of our jewelry order fulfillment services, please download our Jewelry Fact Sheet here:

jewelry fulfillment fact sheet Download PDF: Jewelry Fulfillment Fact Sheet

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