B2C Case Histories

fulfillment case histories

B2C & DTC Case Histories

Selection of Case Studies for Direct-to-Consumer

Television, telemarketing, direct-mail. Coupons, electronics, and videotapes. Each medium and product has different demands and different expectations, both from from clients and consumers. See how we have handled various programs.


An over-the-counter topical medication manufacturer wanted to drive retail sales though a sampling promotion, in which they offered free samples through a national cable television and print promotion.

In the first campaign, Coast to Coast sent out over 100,000 samples from print and television campaign. In year two, based on the success of the first year’s campaign, the company added a coupon to the sample kit for greater subsequent retail sales.

Collectible and Value-Added Services

A client started a direct-marketing campaign selling coins, including ones made of precious metals. Coast to Coast provided a secure facility and met additional client needs for product fulfilllment, including sourcing and assembly of appropriate presentation packaging. As the client added to its line of coins, they requested additional capabilities from Coast to Coast such as adding color to the coins. Coast to Coast sourced the necessary machinery, trained the personnel and provided the additional services to add value to its client’s products.


A European personal computer manufacturer wanted to establish themselves in the U.S. market and drive sales to its West Coast stores. The client developed a direct-response television commercial and Coast to Coast generated personalized letters and sent catalogs to potential customers.

Product Fit Configuration (B2B & B2C)

patchologyPatchology, a global leader in transdermal beauty care, has relied on Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc. for more than a decade. Recently, Patchology looked to our expertise to consolidate its core products, configure them into multiple merchandisable beauty kits, and ships them to customers and retailers throughout the world.

As well as dispatching packaged across the US, Coast to Coast also ships Patchology products around the world, with a dedicated team that enables the business to smoothly accommodate sharp US sales spikes, even in the face of challenges created by the global pandemic.

One Stop Shopping (B2C & B2B)

Client was unhappy with its existing fulfillment operation and needed a fulfillment operation capable of handling multiple high-volume promotions with single products selling over 500,000 pieces per year, as well as smaller promotions, including those resulting from media tests.

Coast to Coast has set up a system to receive orders via telemarketing companies, direct mail, the Web, E.D.I., and reorders via telephone. Coast to Coast picks, packs, assembles kits, and ships to consumers and to the nation’s leading retailers, including television shopping networks. In addition, Coast to Coast set up a customer service group that answers questions about orders as well as provide light technical support, by answering questions pertaining to the clients.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in making this transaction possible. Our business has flourished since we began our relationship with CTC. You allow us to focus on what we do best. We appreciate everything you have done and look forward to continuing to grow our business! Thanks again.”
Michelle and Greg Barry
Lydell NYC

“Thanks again… for your professionalism, and for assisting us in establishing our new division. Your efforts are much appreciated!”
Eric A. Peterson
National Sales Manager
Showtime Networks, Inc.