Omnichannel Fulfillment

omnichannel fulfillment

Drive New Sales & Profits with Omnichannel Fulfillment

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment has progressed beyond multi-channel fulfillment to processing orders from all sales and distribution channels.  When your inventory is set up with our omnichannel fulfillment system, you will be ready to take orders from all sales channels, storefronts, and ecommerce engines.  Of critical importance, is that each fulfilled order complies with varied, but exacting packaging, labelling, shipping, and notification procedures of each wholesale buyer, common carrier, and client.

Whether you need a single order carefully gift wrapped and shipped to a consumer, or many palletized truckloads of merchandise shipped to Walmart DCs via E.D.I. protocols, Coast to Coast Fulfillment has the holistic systems in place to be in 100% compliance with the rigorous order-processing requirements of hundreds of ecommerce and shopping cart systems, mass merchants, brick & mortar stores, and all the leading social media and third-party online marketplaces.

Our omnichannel fulfillment system acts as a centralized hub to handle the diverse array of orders though all modern supply chains.  This pivotal shift from traditional warehousing practices empowers you can sell units of your core inventory over an unlimited range of distribution systems and storefronts, whether virtual or physical.  So, whether you have started out wholesaling or selling directly to consumers, with Coast to Coast Fulfillment you’re always ready to take on new sales and distribution channel, while leaving the details to us. 

omnichannel fulfillment

While no vendor likes returns, some online merchandise categories routinely have 30% or more of the product returned; it’s just a cost of doing business.  Our reverse logistics processes provide another channel to recoup inventory expenses while minimizing the time and labor to restore returned items to inventory or repurpose the items according to our clients’ guidance.

As an example of our omnichannel order fulfillment, for a single client in the same day, we may ship the same SKUs in various configurations through many sales channels.

Omnichannel Fulfillment: A Typical Day Could Include the Following:

  • Palletized cases of merchandise picked & sorted to the store level, then shipped via trucks to multiple mass merchant DCs.
  • Replenishment orders shipped directly to stores or distribution centers, shipped via truck and common carriers.
  • Wholesale orders shipped in corrugated cases to small brick & mortar stores via UPS.
  • Orders from a flash sale packed one unit of a SKU to a shipping box, to individual consumers via UPSMI or other carriers.
  • Hundreds of consumer orders from the client’s own ecommerce website shipped via multiple carriers.