Clothing & Fashion Apparel Fulfillment

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Clothing & Fashion Apparel Fulfillment

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment specializes in omni-channel order processing for clothing and fashion apparel. We handle all aspects of fulfillment for direct-to-consumer (D2C) and wholesale (B2B) orders.

Our clients’ merchandise ranges from casual wear, boots, shoes, sportswear, jackets and sweaters to intimate apparel, dresses, slacks, sportswear, tights, leggings, and fashion accessories.

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Order & Shipping Channels:

  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) orders from clients’ ecommerce sites
  • Third-Party-Marketplace Consumers
  • Pre-distro/Pre-sort wholesale orders shipped to distribution centers (DCs)
  • Bulk wholesale orders shipped to DCs
  • Restocking & replenishment orders from our clients’ stores & third parties

Clothing & Fashion Apparel Fulfillment Services:

  • Inventory control (virtual & physical)
  • Ticketing & reticketing
  • Picking, packing, shipping
  • Sorting & packing to store-level
  • Database management & reporting
  • Kitting & bundling
  • Returns management, reverse logistics
  • Postage-rate shopping
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order procession
  • D2C customer service
  • Ecommerce shopping cart integration
  • Gift-wrapping
  • Heat-transfer customization & branding
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Why flat-pack storage & processing?

Our warehouse is designed for high-volume, high-density processing of orders shipped though B2B and D2C channels. Our warehouse space is optimized in 3-D for faster, more economical fulfillment.

We only store and ship clothing that is folded flat and shipped out either in flat-pack envelopes, bags, or boxes. We have no garment hangers in our warehouse, only economical & eco-friendly flat-packed clothing.

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