History of Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

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History of Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.


Hermond Ghazarian and Vahe Oharonian found London Pewter to make collectible items for the retail market.


London Pewter begins manufacturing and fulfilling product for other companies and sets up a database management system. London Pewter pioneers packing methods to economically and safely ship fragile collectible items. First product is shipped to 150,000 customers.


London Pewter broadens its value-added services by manufacturing displays, presentation box, and customized packaging.


Coast to Coast Fulfillment is started with four principals, and specializes in fulfillment of orders generated through direct-response marketing.


Coast to Coast Fulfillment expands business-to-business distribution by implementing Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.) protocols for accounting and tracking orders, initially to drop-ship over 250 SKU’s for a client directly to over 9,000 stores of a leading retailer.


Coast to Coast expands its retail capacity to pre-pack displays, and restock point-of-purchase displays to thousands of retail stores.


Coast to Coast purchases a building in West Greenwich, RI to handle increased growth, moves its administrative offices and expands its effective warehouse space by over 700%.

Coast to Coast offers warehouse management services to outside clients and negotiates lease for first third-party warehousing facility and puts it under Coast to Coast management. Coast to Coast expands fulfillment services to include coupons, samples, and catalogs. Coast to Coast, as a SoundScan site, ships over 450,000 units of a single CD title in 6 months.


Coast to Coast expands its direct-to-consumer shipments, while adding 9 retail chains representing over 5,200 stores, to its distribution network.
Coast to Coast becomes the state’s largest United States Postal Service customer.


Coast to Coast processes more than 200,000 check orders for a single direct-response client. Coast to Coast begins North American business to business distribution for several European clients.


Coast to Coast Fulfillment boosts its foreign clients’ return of investment (ROI) by expanding its “virtual backroom” services. By adding third-party billing, bookkeeping and customer service operations — in addition to the ongoing shipping and distribution operations — Coast to Coast Fulfillment makes it possible for foreign manufacturers and importers to support their US sales forces without having employees or an office in the USA.


Coast to Coast processes 25,000 Web orders for one client in a single one day, and in the same week, processes orders for 90,000 line items in one day.
Web-based transactions for many products out-number orders through toll-free call centers.


Coast to Coast purchases 14.5 undeveloped acres adjacent to its facility in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, creating a total 20-acre compound. The company completed an 8,000 sq. ft. jewelry processing addition to its 45,000 sq. ft. facility, and is planning a Phase 2 expansion of 29,000 sq. ft. The expansions will nearly doubling the size of Coast to Coast’s warehousing and order-processing center.


Coast to Coast Fulfillment completes Phase 2 of its expansion, adding an additional 29,000 square feet onto its facility.


Coast to Coast opens a West Coast facility in Santa Fe Springs in Los Angeles County, CA.


Coast to Coast processes orders for over 65 million pieces of jewelry.


Coast to Coast dedicates a new 25,500 sq. ft. warehouse addition in Phase 3 of its expansion.

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