Patchology Beauty Product Fulfillment Case Study

Patchology Beauty Product Fulfillment Case Study

Patchology, a global leader in transdermal beauty care, has relied on Coast to Coast Fulfillment for more than a decade. This is because we can process many thousands of orders each day from many different sales channels simultaneously.

With its component beauty products produced in multiple factories, Pathology also looked to Coast to Coast Fulfillment to consolidate its core products, configure them into multiple merchandisable beauty kits, and ships them to customers and retailers throughout the world.

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Patchology’s innovative transdermal patch technology has resulted in game-changing beauty masks and patch treatments across the US and the globe, sold though many channels including its website, prestige retailers such as Bloomingdales, Saks and Nordstrom, and drop-shipments to consumers on behalf of third-party wholesale buyers, marketers, and professional beauty therapists

Starting out with just a handful of stock keeping units (SKUs) on four or five pallets, Coast to Coast now warehouses over 250 pallets of about three-dozen SKUS.

Because Pathology has built a true omni-channel distribution network, Coast to Coast ships the same core products across many different sales channels, but in hundreds of combinations and price points. We have spent years working with Patchology, refining an order-processing and inventory-management systems that can handle essentially an unlimited number of product configurations and prices. In addition, we can import orders into our system from any outside platform — whether that platform is an eCommerce site, a fax, email, or phone call from a sales rep, or an EDI purchase order from a large retail chain of stores. We seamlessly process orders from any source and ship via whatever means needed to any destination, usually within one business day.

In 2021, Pathology beauty products will grow to fill almost the entirety of one of our warehouse buildings, assuring that we can hold more unit of more SKUs in inventory, while shipping out many thousand-more orders each week.

Michael Jordan, vice president of operations at Patchology, credits Coast to Coast’s logistics expertise with the success of the firm’s complex US distribution channels. “In addition to omni-channel order processing, Coast to Coast has streamlined our logistics by building hundreds of thousands of our beauty kits, which are special attractively packaged combinations of Patchology beauty product.”

As well as dispatching packages across the US, Coast to Coast also ships Patchology products to China and to other Asian and foreign destinations, with a dedicated team that enables the business to smoothly accommodate sharp US sales spikes, even in the face of challenges created by the global pandemic.