Biden-Harris Campaign Flyswatter Sells Out in Minutes at Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Biden-Harris Campaign Flyswatter Sells Out in Minutes at Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

B2B Case History

How do you sell and then quickly fulfill orders for 35,000 fly swatters that did not exist the night before? Though this problem may seem trivial, this team effort helped to further engage their candidate’s supporters, raise money, and win the White House.

Financial Innovations Inc. (FII) a company specializing in the marketing of merchandise for political campaigns and affinity groups, was already managing the marketing for the Biden/Harris presidential campaign merchandise. Coast to Coast Fulfillment was handling the order fulfillment for orders generated by FII.

During the US 2020 vice-presidential debate, a black fly landed on vice president Mike Pence’s hair, remaining there for over two minutes. Shortly after the fly landed on Mr. Pence’s ear, an agile Biden/Harris staffer went to the merchandise website and posted a mock-up of a blue Biden/Harris blue fly swatter with the slogan “Truth over Flies.” Social media did the rest of the work.

Then at 4:30 am the next morning, Coast to Coast Fulfillment downloaded orders for the entire allotment of 35,000 fly swatters.

Within four days, a factory was delivering fly swatters to Coast to Coast. By the end of the week, Coast to Coast had shipped out all 35,000 orders. This was despite the staffing challenges imposed by COVID-19, and without interrupting the order-processing flow for other Biden/Harris items, not to mention orders for many other clients.

“The fly-swatter incident illustrates the flexibility and power of Coast to Coast to pivot and ramp up immediately to meet demand,” said Paul McConnell, President of FII. “With political campaigns, we never know where the next marketing and fundraising opportunity is going to be. But the opportunity is only meaningful if we can quickly follow through and deliver the merchandise. Coast to Coast Fulfillment has proven that it can deliver time and time again.”