Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Specialists

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

At Coast to Coast Fulfillment, we provide seamless supply chain management (SCM) services for our clients. We manage the supply of client inventory through every step of the supply chain. From manufacturing of the components to receiving them in our warehouse, to the assembly of a product’s components and collateral materials into completed kits, we provide turnkey supply chain management.

Whether the product is going to consumers (B2C) or to another business, we make sure that all the elements necessary for the final product arrive just-in-time (JIT) for final assembly into to the products needed by our clients’ customers. Our third-party supply chain management services help our clients streamline inventory and increase product turnover, while they can get their shipments fulfilled at less cost then if they did it themselves.

With our third-party supply chain management services, our clients can say goodbye to the fixed overhead costs associated with managing their own warehouse, assembly, and order fulfillment operation. They can focus of marketing, product development and on what gives them a competitive advantage, while we manage “the back room.” Because we are scalable, with transaction-based billings, you only pay for fulfillment when you have orders to send out.

We inventory thousands of standard boxes and shipping envelopes, so you only pay for packaging when you use it. We are also set up with EDI for major retail store chains, so we’re ready to take on the big clients whenever you are.