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Coast to Coast Fulfillment: The East Coast Advantage

Coast to Coast Fulfilment’s warehouse is strategically positioned in the heart of the USA’s Northeast Corridor. This provides many advantages for processing orders and facilitating swift shipping to a vast base of consumers as well as wholesales buyers. Established within one-day ground shipping of approximately 60 million Americans, this strategic location boasts proximity to most wholesale distribution centers (DCs) , making it an ideal hub for efficient logistical operations.

First and foremost, the central location in Rhode Island within the Northeast Corridor significantly reduces transit times for deliveries to a large portion of the USA’s population. With the ability to reach densely populated urban centers such as New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and northern New Jersey within a single day, businesses can have their orders fulfilled and delivered promptly, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Despite some densely-populations portions of the West, most wholesale distribution centers (DCs) are east of the Mississippi.  On average, an East Coast warehouse speeds delivery times for inbound and outbound shipments, thus helping turn the inventory over more times each year, increasing profitability.

Quick Facts:

  • Over 60 million people are within on day ground shipping of Coast to Coast Fulfilment.
  • 60% of US households are in 26 states east of the Mississippi River.
  • Just two states, California and Texas, account for over half of the households west of the Mississippi. 
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The Boston to Washington, DC megalopolis has 17% of US population, but covers only 2% of the USA.

The East Coast strategic location also offers significant advantages in terms of transportation infrastructure. Our Rhode Island location is less than one mile from a an interstate highway, while, the ports of Boston and NY/New Jersey facilitate seamless inbound and outbound transportation of goods nationally and globally. In addition, nearby major airports ensure efficient air freight options for expedited deliveries, assuring that time-sensitive orders are handled expeditiously.

Ultimately, the strategic advantage of Coast to Coast Fulfillment’s East Coast is the added leverage gained from reduced shipping times, lower shipping costs, and more turns of inventory per year — all  strengthening one’s competitive edge.

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