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Gain the East Coast Fulfillment Warehouse Edge

with Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment’s warehouse is strategically located in heart of the Northeast Corridor, on the East Coast of the United States. We are centrally located in the #1-rated industrial mega-region in the world, with one-day delivery via of UPS Ground Shipping of over 60 million people. From our East Coast warehouse, we process e-Commerce orders and get them delivered the next business day to every household in five states plus many other households in other states — including all the residents of New York City, NY. We can do this faster, with less shipping cost, because UPS Ground service delivers to so many potential customers on the East Coast in just one day.

For B2B wholesale shipments major retail store chains and wholesale buyers, most of distribution centers (DCs) are in the eastern third of the U.S.A., within an easy one or two-day delivery by truck. Even for merchandise from Asia factories, East-Coast-based shipments can be delivered more quickly.

Find out more about how we can manage your back-end order processing, picking and packing your products, managing your inventory and databases, EDI protocols, and handling all aspects of your e-Commerce and B2B fulfillment.

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