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kitting light assembly services Kitting is the process of assembling separate related products into a package, or "kit". A kit can made for use by a consumer, for retail stores, or for promotional uses. Coast to Coast Fulfillment is a kitting specialist, based in the east coast of the USA.

One example of a kit would be a combination of an electronics device, its remote control, an AC/DC power supply, and an instruction booklet. Each of these four components might come from a different supplier, but could be assembled into a kit in the USA at Coast to Coast Fulfillment. Another kit example might be a retail countertop display in which the display's components would be assembled before the merchandise is inserted to complete the kit.

Kits are often preassembled identical packages of merchandise, but kits can also be one-offs, such as a computer and its peripherals customized to a single consumer's specifications, or a package of merchandise that is picked and packed for to match the needs of an individual retail store. At our New England warehouse, we assemble many types of kits, including:

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  • pre-loaded retail display kits
  • electronics kits
  • membership kits
  • promotional & sales material kits
  • health & beauty product kits
  • retail package kits
  • presorted wholesale package kits
Our fulfillment services include both pre-assembly kitting and on-demand assembly of kits. We then can ship the kits anywhere in the world, whether direct to consumers (B2C), or to distributors and other businesses (B2B). Just-in-time (JIT) kitting has the advantage of allowing maximum flexibility in the use of inventory, while pre-assembly allows for the cost-saving efficiencies and accuracies of mass-assembly. Some of specific kitting services include:
  • just-in-time (JIT) coordination of component delivery
  • component picking
  • component assembly
  • component and collateral material packing into a "kit"

Example of a Kit Assembly by Coast to Coast Fulfillment: Violife toothbrush store display

store display kitStore display prepared for kitting.
display kit dividersDisplay dividers prepped for kitting.
kitting display supportsDisplay supports prepped for kitting.
violife toothbrushes kitToothbrushes prepared for kitting.
store display kittingDisplays are kitted (assembled).
kitting dividersDividers are kitted (assembled).
product pick for kitProducts picked (selected) for kit.
kitting productsProducts kitted in display.
kitting completed kitCompleted kit: Violife store display.

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