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Many of the terms used in the world of third-party logistics do not appear in a standard dictionary, nor is there a dictionary of fulfillment or warehouse management definitions. We offer this glossary to help you better understand our business. If you have a term you would like defined, or have a definition that you would like to share with us, please send us an e-mail.

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- quality control (QC)
- quantity per
- quick response (QR)
- quiet zone

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quality control or QC
when quantified QC data can pertain to product compliance with original specifications, the accuracy of inventory control, the correctness of order "picks," and all logistics processes.

quantity per
the numeric representation of the quantity of a specific item required to make one unit of another item. Quantity per exists on the bill of material and on the materials list associated with a production order.

quick response or QR
the process for handling and delivering orders in quantities and within timeframes that meet the demands specified by end-buyers in a delivery chain. QR usually pertains to small quantities of product that are delivered often (low volume, high frequency). Quick-response protocols are common with jewelry, expensive items, and products with rapidly changing styles. QR is part of JIT inventory management.

quiet zone
clear area on either side of a 1D bar code required for an accurate read of the code. Quiet zones for 2D bar codes must be on all four sides.