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Fulfillment Outsourcing White Papers: How & Why

Order Processing Operations from Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

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The number one reason for outsourcing is to allow your business to focus on what you do best - adding value to the customer through your core compentencies.

The following white papers will help you decide whether outsourcing is right for you. With over 10 years experience, Coast-to-Coast Fulfillment has seen a wide array of situations and boasts an impressive client list. Keeping our clients on the leading edge requires staying up to date with technology and business processes - and we do just that, running expert order-processing operations for our clients.

White Papers

White Paper: Business-to-Business (B2B) - Fulfillment Outsourcing: How & Why?

When you outsource B2B fulfillment, you are ready to handle a broader range of products and product distribution channels than with B2C fulfillment. Because the demands of B2B fulfillment are broader than B2C, you benefit from our expertise with handling a wide range of products, ranging from finished consumer goods, to parts, to various media for sales & marketing, promotion, consumer traffic building, personnel training, and for public relations.

Outsourcing enables you to ramp up to quickly to handle high-volume orders. Retail-market distribution can be more demanding than the handling of direct-to-consumer orders or small-volume wholesale orders. Orders from mass-market retail stores can be much larger, with more exacting order specifications and deadlines, and are accompanied by potentially crippling financial penalties for vendor non-compliance with purchase order requirements. A single purchase order can be for hundreds of thousands or even millions of product units. A penalty for non-compliance, for something as trivial as a case-pack label being the wrong size or in the wrong position, can be as high as an initial one-time fee plus a dollar per unit, potentially costing a vendor millions of dollars in lost revenue. Consequently, backroom systems must be in place to handle the volume quickly and efficiently under the precise mandates of the wholesale buyers. At Coast to Coast, we process orders for the leading mass merchants on behalf of our clients with 100% compliance.

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White Paper: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) - Fulfillment Outsourcing: How & Why?

Outsourcing allows you to take orders in more ways. Business-to-consumer (B2C) orders are generated through many distribution channels, while the orders themselves are received through a variety of mediums, including telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, e-commerce Websites, data transfer from other call centers, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmissions from third-party marketers. Is your office ready to handle thousands of pieces of mail coming with checks and entering the orders? Is your sales team set up to deal with a high the volume of calls and for dealing with individual customers? Do you have the computer systems, software, data mapping, and protocols in place to handle the orders? When you outsource with us, all these systems are in place, to help you serve your customers.

Outsourcing can help you be more efficient, stay more competitive and serve your customers better. Perhaps your existing staff, software, and facilities are not meeting your needs or performing to expectations. Without the latest software, order-processing equipment, special volume discounts, and the continual maintenance and upgrades that a larger order processing can afford, you may not be competitive. Outsourcing can give you highly-qualified people with the latest technology, to deliver order processing services at cost far below most in-house operating costs. Since backroom operations are our focus, we excel at them. We operate at peak efficiency to reduce costs and to keep our clients ahead.

pdf Download PDF: Coast to Coast Fulfillment B2C