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Fashion Jewelry Fulfillment

with Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment specializes in fulfilling orders for fashion jewelry wholesalers and retailers in the USA. Each week we pick, pack, and ship thousands of fashion jewelry orders destined for retail stores, chain-store distribution centers (DCs), and for consumers (B2C). If you are a large producer or designer of fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, please contact us to find out how can help you grow your business through better fulfillment services.

Why is Fashion Jewelry Fulfillment Special?

Unlike fulfillment for other products, our clients' inventory is often completely replaced with hundreds of new designs each week, when we assign a unique stock number (SKU) and distinct picking location to each design. Then, we pick, pack and ship out virtually the entire inventory in less than three business days from its arrival. Of course, we also fulfill orders for "classic" lines of costume and fashion jewelry and accessories.

Since the same jewelry design can have several sales prices, dependent on its sales channel, we match every unit of incoming merchandise with each purchase order. Then we generate corresponding invoices and payment data.

jewelry kitting jewelry predistro pick bins jewelry fulfillment
jewelry fulfillment distribution
jewelry fulfillment distribution
Our warehouses are strategically located on the East Coast of the USA to insure that orders for our clients' merchandise are fulfilled most efficiently. We also assemble jewelry displays and gift presentations, and handle all aspects of third-party logistics (3PL), EDI order processing, database management, JIT delivery, and the fulfillment of orders in all distribution channels for fashion jewelry sales:
  • Direct to Stores
  • Pre-Distro (Sorted to store level, shipped to DCs or consolidators)
  • Distro (Bulk-shipped to DCs)
  • Direct-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Flash Sales/24-hour sales
  • Drop-ship
If you are a large designer or producer of fashion-forward jewelry or other products, contact us now for more information.

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