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B2B Fulfillment & Logistics Services

Coast to Coast Fulfillment, Inc.

At Coast to Coast, we act as the invisible "backroom" for our clients. We accomplish this by providing business-to-business product fulfillment services for our clients, acting as their official business-to-business warehouse and distribution center.

Our third-party support services services include receiving & acknowledging purchase orders, communication of compliance and shipping information with buyers of our clients' products -- often through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) -- and the preparation of products, packaging, labeling, and pallet configurations to conform to the wholesale buyers' specifications. We simultaneously schedule trucking and shipping services, invoice buyers and trading partners, and provide related accounting services as needed. Contact us to find out how we can set up your "backroom" at Coast to Coast, lowering your overhead, while giving you the ability to handle orders of any size and complexity.

b2b fulfillment quote Wholesale Merchandise Fulfillment Services
Coast to Coast ships to the nation's leading chain-store retailers in three ways:
1) Direct to individual stores (Drop-ship)
2) Direct to distribution centers (Distro)
3) Pre-packed for individual stores in batch shipments to distribution centers (Pre-distro).

A partial list of retail stores that we service includes:

  • target fullfilment
  • cvs fullfilment
  • kmart fullfilment 
  • walmart fulfillment 
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • Bed, Bath & Beyond
    • CVS Pharmacies
    • Dr. Leonard's Catalog
    • T.J. Maxx/Marshalls
    • Home Shopping Network
    • J.C. Penney
    • Walgreens
    • Ann Taylor
    • Banana Republic
    • Ahold American Sales
    • Kmart/Sears
    • Rite Aid Corp.
    • Cardinal
    • Amerisource Bergen
    • Kohl's
    • SuperValu
    • McKesson
    • Urban Outfitters
    • Bebe
    • Macy's
    • Army & Air Force Exchange Service

b2b fulfillment quote Wholesale product fulfillment services
Specific merchandise fulfillment services include:
Set-up of E.D.I. services for client
Inventory management
All aspects of order processing, including, picking, packing, shipping, and assembly of products & displays.
Set up of all client service operations for wholesale distribution
Setup assistance for B2B Websites
Warranty administration, tech support, and customer service

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Most major retailers issue purchase orders via Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.). All subsequent correspondence regarding shipments, including invoicing, is via EDI. Coast to Coast acts as a "virtual vendor," handling all EDI business with our clients' wholesale customers. Since all "back room" operations are handled by Coast to Coast, our clients can concentrate on sales and manufacturing, knowing that all aspects of the fulfillment of products destined for retail stores are taken care of. That's why our motto is "Let us handle the details."

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